Blood Sugar Levels and Digestive Enzymes

For those concerned with controlling blood sugar levels, there is usually another concern: hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes or full blown diabetes. Especially with pre-diabetes, the solution involves diet, exercise, and often natural supplements. One type of supportive supplements that have gained support in the role blood sugar control is digestive enzymes. These can be purchased either with a prescription, or as a dietary supplement.

In cases where diabetes is caused by pancreatic deterioration, insulin production may not be the only thing affected. The parts of the pancreas that produce digestive enzymes may also deteriorate, interfering with healthy digestion.

Additionally, in many diabetics, over time, the intestines may suffer damage, and digestion may slow down for other reasons. When digestion becomes inefficient it can make it more difficult to control blood sugar levels. Additionally, inefficient digestion can lead to dietary deficiencies, because some of the elements you need may not be breaking down properly, or absorbing properly.

Digestive enzymes may be helpful in speeding digestion up a little, or in supplementing low levels of pancreatic enzymes. They can be taken with meals, and generally some kind of positive or negative affect will be apparent.

OneLifeUSA’s Daily Multiple vitamin formula has received attention because of its inclusion of a blend of digestive plant enzymes. The blending of multiple vitamins and minerals with digestive enzymes is a remarkable combination. These digestive plant enzymes can aid in better absorption of the not only the contents of the daily multiple formula, but also of foods eaten.

Talk it over with your doctor, and determine whether or not you have reason to believe that there is an underlying problem which would benefit from their use before you take these, and then be cautious.


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